Unreal Engine Resources

Unreal Engine Resources

Aug 3, 2021 6:15 AM
Unreal EngineNotes

A compiled list of useful resources for Unreal Engine development.


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Epic Games

The official resources from Epic Games, the developers of Unreal Engine, themselves.

Official Documentation

The official documentation provided by Epic Games is an amazing resource. Utilize it to it's fullest to get familiar with the Engine.

Unreal Engine 5 Early Access Documentation

Unreal Engine 5 is the newest offering from Epic Games. It contains many revolutionary new features, which are currently in development. If you want to get accustomed to those features and want to utilize Unreal Engine 5 Early Access, then I highly recommend reading through this.

Unreal Online Learning

A free learning resource provided by Epic Games. It contains many hands-on courses that can get you up and running with Unreal Engine features.

Unreal Engine's YouTube Channel

Epic Games regularly uploads new videos showcasing Unreal Engine projects, case studies, feature overviews, and more. It's highly recommended to subscribe to the channel to keep up to date for all of the newest Unreal information.

Unreal Marketplace

The Unreal Marketplace is an amazing way to buy (or sell) asset packs or plugins for Unreal Engine.

Unreal Slackers - Discord Server

Unreal Slackers is the official Unreal Engine discord server where you can actively get help from other developers.

Unreal Engine Forums

The Unreal Engine forums is where you can go to discuss various topics about Unreal Engine.

Unreal Engine Answer Hub

The Unreal Engine Answer Hub is where you can go to find the answers to your questions. Either search through the hub for already answered questions, or submit your own question. Both Epic employees and other Unreal Engine developers are proactive in helping.


Highly recommended individuals that provide a lot of useful information.


Tom Looman

Tom Looman provides high quality C++ tutorials and resources. Endorsed by Epic Games.


Chris Murphy

Chris Murphy is an Unreal Engine Evangelist at Epic Games. He provides high-quality tutorials, resources, and often posts snippets of useful information on his Twitter.


William Faucher

William Murphy produces high-quality YouTube videos that provide in-depth information on VFX/CGI and rendering within Unreal Engine.


Shader Bits

Shader Bits, aka Ryan Brucks, is a Principle Technical Artist at Epic Games. He provides a lot of in-depth information regarding Unreal Engine shaders, HLSL, and blueprints.


Alex Stevens

Alex Stevens is an Unreal Engine Evangelist at Epic Games. He provides a lot of informative Unreal Engine tip's and tricks.


When developing with Unreal Engine, it's ideal to follow best practices and standards that are adhered to by the majority of Unreal developers. These standards are in place to make sure your projects are clean, your blueprints and code are easy to read, and your files are secure.

Allar's Style Guide

The style guide adhered to by the majority of Unreal developers is the style guide by Allar. It covers almost everything you need to know on how to structure your Unreal projects content directory.


It is completely fine to adjust the style guide to suit your needs. The bottom line is to keep your project clean and easy to read.

C++ Coding Standards

Similar to a style guide, there are coding standards and conventions to adhere to in order to keep your code clean and easy to read.

Version Control

It's never a good idea to work on a project without version control. Establishing a version control system for your projects will allow you to roll back your files in case anything happens. To learn more about version control, check out —


Resources that cover multiple aspects of Unreal Engine.

Unreal Engine Community Wiki

The Unreal Engine Community Wiki is a community-driven resource geared towards creating an educational resource for Unreal Engine.

Mathew Wadstein's YouTube Channel

Mathew provides many videos that cover all you need to know about a feature within Unreal Engine. If you don't know what something is inside of, you'll most likely find a useful video on Mathew's channel.

Ryan Laley's YouTube Channel

Ryan provides many informative videos that cover how to implement certain features or gameplay mechanics.

PrismaticaDev's YouTube Channel

Prismatica provides many technical showcases, devlogs, and informative videos.

DevSquad's YouTube Channel

DevSquad provides both quality instruction videos regarding the features and top tier instructional videos on how to implement gameplay features within Unreal Engine. I highly recommend checking them out wither you're a seasoned developer or just starting out. Recommended Playlists —

Unreal Sensei

Unreal Sensei creates content about Unreal Engine that includes tutorials, news, and fun projects.

Recommended Videos —

Unreal Engine 5

Resources regarding the next generation features within Unreal Engine 5


Nanite - A Deep Dive

Brian Karis, Rune Stubbe, and Graham Wihlidal reveal all of the secrets regarding Nanite in a 155 page PDF document. It's a lengthy read, but extremely informative!


Environment & Level Design

Resources that cover how to develop environments and implement ideal level design philosophy within Unreal Engine.

Large Game Environment Creation - In-Depth Course

A 23.5 hour paid course that goes over everything you need to know on how to professionally create an Unreal Engine 5 environment.

This course is instructed by Emiel Sleegers, a senior environment artist, whom has worked on many AAA games such as — The Division 2 and Forza Horizon.

Note, I am not endorsing this course. I'm simply bringing it to attention for those that are interested.

Materials & Shaders

Resources that cover material and shader creation inside of Unreal Engine.

Ben Cloward

Ben provides high quality and in-depth explanations on how to approach beginning and advanced shaders within Unreal Engine.

Tech Art

Resources that cover the highly technical aspects of Unreal Engine.

Signed Distance Fields

Lighting & Rendering

Resources that cover the lighting and rendering of Unreal Engine. Aspects that make things look amazing.

William Faucher's YouTube Channel

William provides a treasure trove of lighting and rendering information regarding Unreal Engine.

Gameplay Ability System

The Gameplay Ability System (GAS) is an exceptionally robust framework for building abilities and attributes into your project.

Official Documentation

While incomplete, the official GAS documentation can provide useful information on how to get up and running.


While GASDocumentation wasn't created by Epic Games, it's highly considered the the sudo-official documentation. It covers almost everything you need to know about GAS while also including an example project to gleam additional information.


GASShooter is a subsidiary of GASDocumentation. It goes over more advanced GAS techniques with it's multiplayer FPS/TPS example project.


Useful content found on the Unreal Engine marketplace.

Alternative Marketplaces

These alternatives help find and filter content within the official Unreal Engine marketplace.

Orbital Market


Marketplace items used to edit the look and feel of the Unreal Engine editor.

Electronic Nodes

Electronic nodes allows wire customization for visual scripting editors.

Level Design

Level design tools that help speed up and improve the look and feel of your worlds.


World Generation

Tools to help generate your worlds.

Voxel Plugin


Tools to help create amazing looking effects within Unreal.

Fluid Ninja

Fluid Ninja LIVE and Fluid Ninja VFX are amazing fluid simulation tools for Unreal Engine. It's highly used to create dynamic liquid, smoke, clouds, and spell effects. Compatible with Unreal's Niagara Particle System.

Fantastical Resource Shader

Fantastical Resource Shader (FRS) allows the creation of fantastical looking effects for 3D assets, decals, and UI. Many individuals utilize it to create Diablo style resource orbs, potions, or even weapon effects. As a disclaimer, this was created by me.


Marketplace content that help with networking.

Advanced Sessions Plugin

Advanced Sessions Plugin is a blueprint function library exposes additional Networking/Session/OnlineSubsystem/Friends/Voice features to Blueprints that were missing.


Useful marketplace content that don't fit in the above categories.

Async Loading Screen

Async Loading Screen is a free plugin that easily allows you to implement an asynchronous loading screen into your project.

DDC Resources

Resources for DDC (3D Modeling and Sculpting) applications that can help with your Unreal Engine pipeline

Official Blender Addons

Epics Games has released their own set of Blender addons that improve Blender & Unreal development pipelines.

Mr. Mannequins Tools

Mr. Mannequins Tools is a free Blender addon that vastly simplifies the animation authoring for the Unreal Engine mannequin.


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